Grids clock out

I’m curious to know if Grids DIY clock out is buffered. Is it one of the “JP1” pins in the schematics?


Yes, clock out and random trigger out are on JP1. Hmmm, like the built-in trigger and accent outs, they are connected to a 74HC595, but they don’t have a 1k current-limiting resistor. On my Grids, I just hooked up jacks directly to JP1, but I’m wondering if I should have included 1k resistors as well? Works fine, but then, I haven’t tried shorting out the clock out or random trigger outputs (and I’m not going to try!).

Yes, it’s JP1. It’s straight from the 595 output, so you’d better add a 1k resistor.

Thanks! It might be worth mentioning that in the Hidden bits and MIDI section of the Grids manual, just in case others make the same naïve oversight that I did.