Grids as ext clock to vary step length for cv sequencer?

Hi all
I have a muxlicer on which I’d like to vary the step length and am wondering if I can do this with a grids in gate mode. Any ideas? Do I need another module in between?

Can you explain more what you need to do?

What kind of signal does the muxlicer need? And in which way do you want to modify that signal?

I want to vary the step length or gate time in a sequence.
The muxlicer has a clock input which seems to accept cv signal.
Below and at the link is a description of my patch at present. It works ok but there’s surely a more elegant solution:
At present I’m using the global accent track output of GRIDS to trigger an envelope in MATHS channel 1 and output 1 of MATHS channel 1 to clock the muxlicer (clock input). The clock out from GRIDS triggers the MATHS channel 4 and output 1 of channel 4 varies decay of channel 1. The second output of MATHS channel 1 controls the vca in Tides and the muxlicer cv out goes to tides Iv/oct. Tides is in osc mode.

Grids doesn’t allow you to control the gate length. It’s either a trigger with a 1ms duration, or a gate with an on duration equal to half a clock tick.

Yes I’ve now realised that making the patch. I suppose I’m looking for a clock module which would allow me to define step lengths. Is there anything mutable that could do that?
Thanks again for your time and help.

You can feed your pulse to a channel of Stages (red, non-looping): the knob will adjust the duration of the pulse.

Thanks but will that allow the gate length to vary with individual steps?

You mean you want to program something like… step 1 at 90% length, step 2 at 20% length, step 3 at 50% length?

that’s exact

Oh I see… I’m afraid no Mutable Instruments module can do that!