Grids as a Pure Data external

Hi all,
A few years ago Henri David made his Max external version of Grids and I recently built upon his work to port that external to Pure Data (source on Github).

One advantage of Pure Data is that it runs everywhere (computers, phones, sundials) including my new Critter & Guitari Organelle: video

Looks like I dodged that Eurorack bullet once again; my wallet thanks Olivier for the original code and its permissive licence and Henri for putting the code in a format I could understand.

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hehe, i was looking for puredata implementations of clouds and rings.
and sumble onto this one. happy to see that my code is used :smiley:

as anyone seen cloud and rings ported to puredata ?

well in the mean time i have found this, that could be a good starting point :slight_smile:

anyone interested in porting those to PD with me ? (braids is quite some code, but other are not so complex)

I was about to mention the Axoloti ports, but you beat me to it.

I’m not sure those would be significantly easier to port that the original code. In fact, since the C/C++ code in Axoloti objects is wrapped in XML, it’s likely it will be much easier to go back to Olivier’s original source for any desktop port.


Isn’t this cool ?

Many of the MI module firmwares have also been shovelled over to the Axoloti platform.


I can’t install this with Deken can’t I? So I do have to compile this from source?