Grids and External Clock In Problem

I got a Grids the other day and enjoy it a lot, but I’m having trouble getting the external clock input to work correctly with Pamela’s Workout. I have the Pamela set to 134 bpm, and I have a cable going from the 1st output to the clock in of the Grids. The Grids manual says to set the internal clock to fully counter-clockwise and to press the Reset button to get the external clock to work. I did that. However, all I get is a rhythm that is about 40 bpm (the lowest setting on the Grid). That tells me that the Grids is ignoring the clock-in signal.

Has anyone else had this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Any solutions out there?

Yes, I read the manual (please note the original question includes the phrase, “The Grids manual says…”), but I didn’t immediately see the connection between the ppqn and the external clock in. Thank you for clarifying. I have since changed the setting and it is now working properly.

^ Configure pamela for 24ppqn output (if possible) ; if not, configure Grids - as explained in the manual - for using 4ppqn.

If you had read the manual ( :wink: ) you would have know that Grids works with different Clock resolutions, yours is obviously set to 24ppqm (default) and for Pamelas Workout you need to set it to 4ppQN (16th Notes) i guess.

I know it’s been a very long time since you asked this question, but in case someone else stumbles across it, here is an important caveat—to synch Grids to external clock, you MUST remove all CV inputs, press the button until it lights up steadily, make the relevant changes using the knobs, then press the button until it turns off. Once that it done, reattach clock input and any other CV inputs. Finally, spin the tempo knob all the way counter-clockwise and leave it there.

At this point, your Grids will be synched to external clock source. Unfortunately, you will lose the synch, if you turn off the Grids, then turn it back on.

If you use multiple Grids synched to the external clock, as I do, note that if you divide the clock going into one of the units, using something like an Ultima Ratio module, but then want to realign the synch to match other Grids, it may take a bit of twiddling to nail the realignment. Play with this and you’ll find what works.

New answer to an old question in case there’s anyone like me who just got Grids today, and was wondering the same thing…

Mine wasn’t working at all, and I was going crazy trying to figure it out. Pam’s was at 24ppqn, Grids was at 4, but it just wasn’t working. Then I wondered if the random skip option in Pam’s was set on, but nope, it wasn’t. Turned out the Euclidean triggers were set to on. Once I turned them off, Grids suddenly worked perfectly, so there’s one thing to watch out for.

Also, when using Grids as master clock and Pam’s as slave, set Grids to 24ppqn, and Pam’s will track the BPM, but it’s much less precise this way - Pam’s lets you define yor BPM down to a decimal place, Grids makes you feel your way through it. However, you can use Grids’ swing while keeping the rest of the system in sync. Works fine both ways.