Grids and braids power requirements in a100 mini case

Hi guys, first off having just got a braids and a tides… Big thumbs up to Mutable for some sterling work on modules that really push the barriers of hp to flexibility!

Anyway, the question I am trying to work out is if the a100 mini case would cope with both the braids and the grids modules power wise… I haven’t managed to find a useful calculator as yet to work it out and my physics is a little rusty so maybe someone could help me out here.

The specs for the mini are here. So far braids is very happy, but I would like to add a grids to fill up the space and allow for some interesting clock signals to be fired out to my bigger racks.

Any help here would be great. As previously I managed to have a doepfer bit crusher a mysteron, analog solutions lfo2 and a quantum noise happily in the case, so I am crossing my fingers braids and grids would run it it without too much trouble.


The mini case can run Grids alone. That’s it.

There’s not even juice to run Braids, unless you like the smell of fried 7805s :slight_smile:

It’s working fine as it is just now. Or should I expect a fire soon?

Braids current consumption at +5V is 85mA, Grids adds another 25 mA. So you are at 110 mA. While Doepfer says the Beauty Case can only deliver 50 mA at +5V, the regulator they use (78l05) might be able to put out 100 mA. Still not enough, and its always good to leave a little headroom, too. Sorry - but I dont think this will work out fine.

so even trying to wing it on just the braids isn’t going to work…

Running braids yesterday was going ok, but I suppose I had better send it back, as I can’t afford yet another case and Pittsburgh 48’s don’t work either.

Damn braids for being so nice a module!

You said you have bigger racks, too? Why not just switch some modules from there to the mini case and put the Braids into the “big” rack?

The bigger rack is 2 cell 48’s as a double upright style thing, so no 5v.

You can get a cheap power supply with flying bus cables and just not have a case for now? You may find it better to make your own case anyway. :slight_smile:

I think playing it sensibly I will send the braids back, save some money and get a case and then populate that… It’s the depression of using the braids in the case just now and knowing what it can do.

Eurorack and the power stuff is incredibly frustrating.

Just as 100% clarification, if I continue to use braids in that case it will fry the case and probably fry braids?

I did run Braids & Ripples & Peaks in this case without trouble for a while, but maybe I just got lucky? :wink:

Right… Thinking out loud… It works just now, so throwing caution to the wind. If I continue to run it as is what damage would occur? Would it damage the module or will the power bus go pop. If the power bus goes I can live with that as a tip top rail kit will be less than a new braids. If this is case. I keep the braids and start looking for a case asap

> what damage would occur?

7805 will go bust. When it does, if its output exceeds +5V for a short while, Grids can get fried.

So braids would die. As it stands.

Sorry… It’s a 200 mile round trip to return the module so covering all bases :slight_smile:

Braids wouldn’t die.


So looks like I’ll be keeping a hold of the braids for just now and saving for a bigger case into the near future. OH YEAH!

Should probably start picking up freelance work to pay for it all too!

Thanks again and sorry for all the hassle with this one. I cancelled the order and the warehouse at Rubadub in Scotland didn’t realise I’d already been in and collected a tides and a mod-demix on a credit against the cancellation and sent the braids … so as soon as I opened that package I knew I’d give up smoking/eating/living for the month to justify buying it :smiley:

I’ve certainly fallen into the addiction part of Euro’crack’ already. I blame my friend who pitched it as “You NEED a modular”

On a side question, Tides, I take it the AR/AD can’t be used as a contained envelope generator in VCO mode as with braids? I’ve got the sheep firmware on there, but if I can free up a side of maths from doing ADSR duty it would be outstanding.

Once again sorry for the multitude of questions and thanks for all the help.


> Tides, I take it the AR/AD can’t be used as a contained envelope generator in VCO mode as with braids?

No. Tides in “VCO” mode is just the AR/AD section looping on itself very fast. These are not separate entities.

Thanks, I’ll keep sheep on there then. Which is absolutely fantastic :wink:

I have braids running away now I can’t thank you enough for designing such a great range of tools for us to use, I hope New Years in France is good one for you, my Parents are a little further east in Lyon and I always have a little smile to myself knowing you guys are living in the future in theory :slight_smile:

I think this discussion highlights the need for a good case to begin with.Use Modular grid to plan your racks and see its power requirements first :-)I use Move 104 cases which have the following
The included Pittsburgh Modular power supply provides
+12v @ 850mA, -12v @ 850mA, and +5v @300mA of power.
A combined power supply and bus board delivers power for up
to 16 modules using standard 16 pin, keyed power headers.
The power supply uses an external 12VAC 2.0A AC power adapter.

The a100 was a little backup case I had from starting out, just the braids arrived by mistake so it was a case of can I keep it with what I have just now.

In terms of the pittsburgh cases all the single row cases have the same power boards now. The cell 48’s I have have the exact same board and psu as the 90, so I may look into another bus strip and a 5v adapter, ditch the tides and moddemix