Grids: alternative maps for percussions?

I’d love to add a second Grids to my system but that one more tailored towards toms/congas/bongos/claves etc.
So what I understand is that the original maps were AI extraction of real world drum patterns for kick, snare & hi-hats.

Anyone has an idea how to approach that?
(Basically I believe that the extraction bit goes over my head & education. I was able to mod the clock out behavior but machine learning is not in my repertoire)

Great project, but it would be much easier to just buy a Zularic Repetitor.

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Why the approach used for bd/sd/hh in Grids wouldn’t work for other percussive instruments:

  • Lack of annotated data, or more difficult automatic annotation process.
  • Much less data.
  • Many more isolated “islands” in the space of possible patterns - between which interpolation wouldn’t work.

Algorithmic (not data-driven) generation – euclidean for example – is a better candidate for this task.

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Right! I was looking at that before… need to explore that route now

Discouraging answer but a good one! Thank you (for all)!

with regard to @pichenettes’ final suggestion, you may also want to check out Pam’s New Workout, Ornament + Crimes, Euclidean Circles, or other Euclidean pattern generator

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Or even Grids (in Euclidean sequencer mode)

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Thanks for the suggestions but I know Grids does Euclidean rhythms and I also own a VPME EC.
I am now using the combo of the EC with my own gate masker too get to stuff to be less even throughout the bar. I could also use synchronous modulation on Grids in euclidean mode I guess but for now this is my approach.

I bought a ZI :wink:
Great module too!

I recently get a Bastl Kompas. It’s a great complement to Grids.

I almost bought a Kompas kit, then realised it only output triggers.

Would have been more fun if it also produced CV patterns.

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Maybe you should check TINRS Wednesday?

Or even the TINRS Tuesday :wink:


Yeah ! You are right !!! Tuesday is even better but be sure to check it on Wednesday !!! :laughing:
Seems like a need some rest :face_with_raised_eyebrow: