Grids Algorythme

hi, i juste whant to know, cose in all demo i only see complexe beat, if grids can make some 4X4 Tekno paterne too.

hmm need too try it for be shure i thinck

Anyway thx for your quick responce all :slight_smile:

With the right settings, yes; but if you are looking for things that are predictable and static, this might not be the right module…

Grids is great if you like to jam with a machine that does unexpected things you can react to. If you have a beat in mind and want a seq to get just that, Grids might not be the best solution.
Also for classic 4-to-the-floor beats I think you might be better off with something more traditional.

i know what you mean, but fore make break i thinck that can be very cool, im bored to build drum sequence on traditionale sequenceur…
if it’s not too hard too find sweat pot for have 4x4 tekno this module is sold

Grids is a whole sweet spot rhythm wise - but its not meant to do techno only - so your desired sweetspot might be a tiny tiny tiny island in a sea of of cool rhythms. If you want to have complete control of a certain genre, Grids is not for you. As rumpelfilter turned out, if you want something that takes you away on a journey (a bit like a real drummer getting bored by 4 to the floor…) it doesn’t get much better.

You can also search for a techno pattern, play with the flams and move the x/y a tiny bit forth and back. Still a lot of fun :wink:

As fcd72 said it’s filled with awesome sweet spots. You get inspired each time you use it. The same goes to Braids :slight_smile:

Maybe just combine it with a static 4/4 bassdrum (+ offbeat hihat maybe). So you’ll get alternating/unexpected and predictable 4/4-beat at once?

I was about to write what janniz just said lol!
To do a classic techno kick you don’t even need a seq, a clock divider will do just fine :slight_smile:

hmm yes not bad idea wise Yarn and Branches that can be incredible :smiley: need some teste and reflection

i updated the pattern table data on my anushri to have better 4x4 capabilities.
might work for grids aswell.

need some demo plz :slight_smile:
and an other question , when you have a trigger for a kick drum, it’s possible to apply a delay of it for have a trigger for an offbeat bass sound. you know what i mean?

With a modular, it’s always possible to do this… Maths, any ADSR or AD, or a dedicated trigger delay module…

“or a dedicated trigger delay module” = Peaks <3

I went ahead and tried some things to see how far I could get with a 4-4 kick and a bit of grids on top. I like the thing and decided to add a Shruthi bassline and some PreenFM chords.
The result is this kind of weird techno-ish impro track here

Some more detail:
kickdrum: just the clock signal from the MIDI2CV going straight into two AD envelopes controlling the pitch and volume of Ripples. Ripples with the RES full up and FREQ pretty low makes for a great kickdrum.
Hihats: Grids > Jupiter Storm > Galiean Moons, Tides modulating the frequency a bit. Tides also modulates the MAP Y parameter. Turing Machine modulates the Hihats’ FILL parameter on Grids
Weid percussion thing: Braids with sample rate totally low, going through BatteryACID (the IDOW version) then through the Music Thing Modular Spring reverb module. Triggers also come from Grids here. Timbre is modulated by the Turing Machine.
Bassline is a preset on the Shruthi 4PM (delay curtesy of TimeFactor) and the chords are a preset from the PreenFM2 (with some LXP-1 reverb on it).
I’m sorry, my keyboard skills are a bit limited. Also the mix is rubbish… but hey it’s just something I’ve recorded on impulse.

@rumpelfilter: That was very enjoyable. I loved the Braids percussion. The use of the stereo field was very good. This sounds like a very god mix to me. Of course, I enjoy raw synth sounds, so I may be biased. :wink:

hearing the first 15 seconds i thought you stole the demo tapes from this:

@audiohoarder: well the stereo thing is just luck! :smiley: the timefactor is great for spacy stereo delays!

@fcd72: haha yeah sounds pretty similar, though I had never heard that before…

@rumplefilter: nice :slight_smile:

i go try a grids next monday for have a better idea

@rumplefilter: Very nice. The mix doesn’t sound that bad to me at all. I’d do a “proper” mix you’re happy with yourself and release this. :slight_smile: