Grids advanced settings changing on power-down

My Grids changes its advanced settings on power-down. ie I switch off my modular with grids being set to 8ppqn, normal drumming sequencer, outputs as accents and when I switch back on it’s all changed: 24ppqn, euclidean sequencer etc…
Anyone else has this problem or knows how to fix it?

I’ve never seen that before. If you want me to have a look,

Do you mean actually post it?
It’s a clone. I’m happy to try and troubleshoot it myself if you can give me any pointers.

That’s what I meant because the title of your post is “Grids advanced settings”, the body mentions “My Grids” and you’re on the Mutable Instruments forum – so I naively thought you were asking for help for a Mutable Instruments Grids module.

Since it’s not the case, you’re in the wrong place.