Grids 3rd trigger issue?

Hi all
I just get 2nd hand original Grids. Yesterday i noticed that 3rd trigger behavior strange. Its working only in two states no matter how i set x/y knobs. when fill knob for 3rd trigger is turned left, there is no signal at all, and after its pass noon state its triggering every step. Hovewer when I turn chaos knob then its working as I think properly. Is it normal, or how i can fix it. I start new topic because i coudlnt find similiar problem on forum…

Mmm maybe the module is in the euclidean generator mode! Would explain why the chaos knob acts as a pattern length control.

thanks for you reply, its will be the first thing I will check this evening. and of course I will report is it work :slight_smile:

I was having exactly the same problem with the 3rd trigger. I just tried switching it to euclidean mode and then back again and now it is working ok