Grayscale Supercell: Clouds sibling

I just saw this:

Interesting, to say the least. It addresses some of Olivier’s complaints (e.g. individual controls for the blend parameters) but it’s also significantly larger and misses out on adding new parameters like randomisation.

But: there is an official follow up module coming and pre-orders are allowed to be canceled anytime. Seems a little risky to me.

Anyway I think it’s great to see the what was open source once can never truly die. If there’s an interest, it will live on. How great is that?


In my opinion expanding the controls to a larger panel is more interesting than the ‘micro’ versions that had been released, at least. Of course there is likely a new granular Mutable module on the way but it might not fully replace Clouds.

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Well that’s a big module :slight_smile: But yeah I agree, it makes more sense than all those µthings people keep to make. I really don’t understand how anybody can be ok with those, they are so small and look so fiddly. There’s a reason we made the modules the size we made them, usability is important.


The micro versions of O_C and Temps Utile are ok, I think, given they’ve only got a small number of controls.

Yeah that’s a different thing. As long as the screen is readable. I was mostly talking about the µBraids and µClouds, which are modules that have quite a few controls.

The micro version cater to (GAS) people that have their case full and have promised themself not to get another case. And i’ve seen people use the in live rigs that want a lot of functions in a case you can take with you in a backpack.


this is the clouds i was dreaming of

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The 1.3" OLEDs are a Lot more readable than the screens on my Expert Sleepers FH-2 and General CV modules. They text on those is truly microscopic.

The jury is still out for me, re. ‘uMutables’. I’ve bought PCBs for Antumbra’s micro-ised Braids, Clouds and Elements, but have yet to make them up. I’ll see how well they work when I have (assuming I’m successful at soldering and programming them, which is anything but a given).

What do you mean by that? If I’m not mistaken, a noise source is normalled to all CV ins, so you can randomize any parameter

Ah, I didn’t know that. Has this been there from the start?

I don’t think it was planned in the beginning, but I think it has been included since it came out in the first batch

Definitely a module to think about…

I know its diy related so please delete if it shouldnt be here. I just want to say that there is Monsoon :slight_smile:
maybe not as much functions as supercell, but it has individual blend parameters knobs :wink:

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