Grayscale panel for Braids?

Geayscale Braids panel

I’m currently on vacation and only rarely online, but somebody just sent me this and I thought I’d post it here because I’m interested in knowing what you think of it.

Gotta say, I much prefer the original panel. I don’t think he’s going to get many takers for that one, to be honest.


I think there are two reasons for the Grayscale panels. One is as a replacement for the, uh, creative panels such as those from Make Noise, and the other is to satisfy the OCD leanings of some modular lovers who like to have panels that are the same or similar across all modules.

I think this is a case of the latter. The Mutable panels are quite easy to use as is in my opinion.


Grayscale encoder replacement service :slight_smile:

I gotta say I like the original. I also like all my mismatched panels.

i think grayscale’s service is very useful for providing panels for diy projects or replacement panels for fugly makenoise modules, furrthrrr generators, and the likes.

but to replace a beautifully desigend braids panel with that bland piece of metal sheet? seems like madness to me.

Oops, forgot about the DIY panels, good point!

Hmm I think I have the function generator and sequential switch panels from grayscale. Its awesome he offers them. But Braids is so elegant the way it is. So are the other MI modules.

I think MN modules are bad ass. braids grayscale seems pointless to me.

I’m with mic.w- the Grayscale panels for MakeNoise modules are great because the originals are so horrible. The ones for DIY modules are nicer than a lot of the other panels for DIY modules I’ve seen. I have an x0x Heart Pacemaker PCB and panel on order from him, and they do look nice from the pictures. I was going to get one of his combined Turing Machine and expanders panel , too, but didn’t get it, in the end.

I actually have to say, there are some really horrible-looking front panels for Eurorack modules out there. Apart from the MakeNoise ones, Frequency Central panels are pretty horrible, too, with their horrible ‘Sci-Fi’-style fonts, massive fat black arrows, and reversed logo at the top. The MI module panels are some of the nicest I’ve seen.

I also quite like this one:

Looks like a really cool module, too. I’ll be saving my pennies for one of these, when they’re released.


Why don’t we derail this thread into a gallery of good/bad Euro UI design?


Do you think we could keep it civil-ish?

I gotta say I really like the Frequency Central panels.

lolz. HATE that am module faceplate. cool looking module though.

we keep it civil by not saying whether it’s good or bad :slight_smile:

Le functional density is strong with this one, compared to the above 5U abortion.