Granulated Braids

Interesting uses of Braids by Sydney-based, vaping Benjamin Kinsman:

Description by Benjamin:

This patch has a whole lot going on…

1) Monome 64 running ‘The Party Van’ in max runtime which is playing back the chants (yes that’s me singing…) I recorded into it with manipulation just over active and start point and some granularized Tibetan singing bowls and chimes

2) Monome Aleph w/Stasis scene into which I’ve recorded Mutable instrument Braids’ various physical models (trig & pitch from Makenoise Brains/Pressure Points) and then cut up and tweaked with some echo. The playback points, grain size, pitch and various other parameters are mapped out to the different encoders and switches. Bigs ups to Duncan Speakman for writing this fantastic scene, it’s blowing my mind!

3) Eurorack modular:
Bass - Mutable Instruments Braids sequenced by Makenoise Brains/Pressure points going into Makenoise MMG then into an Optomix. Envelopes from Makenoise Maths triggered by 4ms QCD (clock div/mult ranged from -8 to x5)

Mid Range Arp - Tip Top Audio z3000 mk. 2 sequenced by Makenoise Wogglebug into Intellijel uscale 2 in channel 2 of the Optomix with envelopes again from Maths trig’d from QCD then into Makenoise Echophon with a mulitplied clock from the QCD

Mid range Seq - Osc’s 1 & 2 of Harvestman Hertz Donut mk.2 sequenced by Pressure Points into Makenoise Modemix with envelopes for mult’d Maths and Function triggered from Maths EOR.

All sounds going into an Allen Zed 10 with Eventide Space in the FX loop.