Should be going live as DIY kit from Paul Maddox at vacoloco.net tuesday or thursday. List members are already picking up :slight_smile: some of the first 25. When he get 15 he orders the next batch so if you miss it let him know. There are code improvements and new features for this canny little digital midi sequencer w/memory. My friend George put a ver 1 into his modular and was quite impressed. If you have a ver 1 the new code will be available and runs in a ver 1. 99 euros and shipping www.blog.vacoloco.net

nice one, missed out on the first.

Im horribly skint tho. :frowning:

if you have ver 1.0 the firmware will be up on the 11th and is backwards compatible.

GorF2 and Shruthi-1 is a Marriage Made in Heaven: I’m running two of each in sync and absolutely love it. Recording mode, Bank Play and Variable Gate features of GorF2 paired with IR3109 and SMR4 filter boards result in endless hours of tweaking fun!

glad to hear that! i’m going to build 2 new gorfs too

@kvitekp - are you the same person behind the PC1600x editor ?

Nice to see you here!

Built my Gorf 2.01 last week … works a treat…

ohh i have just realised … Kvitekp … thanks for the great work on the GorF…!



@dnigrin: yeah, it’s me, just a little older :wink: Glad to see you here too!

@Fitvideo: Nice video!

@kvitekp thanks

I shall be doing a better one now it is cased … that was a bit rough and ready and the only card to keep it off the floor I could find was my local takeaway menu!

I shall set up the tripod and strap the GorF to the Shruthi-1 when I can …




Chris is shipping shruthi-style lucite cases for the Gorf2, 38 uk pounds to Canada.

Hi, I cant find anywhere to talk about my gorf so I’ll try here if that’s ok.
Just finished my gorf (very cool thing) but just wondering if anyone has trouble or a fix with the very touchy encoders. Sometimes they just move by themselves.
I’m shure there are many people on here that have built one.

@jizzmaster2000: you may want to try different power supply, noisy power supplies cause Gorf’s pots to jitter.

Really? Noisy power supply. Hmm… I’ll have to try some others.

I always figured it was just the nature of the pots in general. The value changes because the pot is on the fence, so to speak - in between voltage. It happens a lot on my gorf. I found that I need to “tune” the pot like a guitar string: drop the value down a couple semitones then tighten up to the desired value.

My two Gorfs are always rock solid when powered from the lab power supply. They are pretty stable with wall wart psu I normally use them with. However, there were a few particularly dirty wall warts that caused unbearable pot value jitter.

Thanx, I just grabed the first power supply in a pile I have.
Makes sense, I’ll try a better one.