Good starter powered case?

Can anyone suggest a good powered case as a cheap starter modular? Am a total noob to modular, but just ordered a braids osc and now need something to put it in… for now its just going to be used as an external osc for my elektron analog keys, I may expand in the future but just want something to start out with. Had looked at the doepfer a100 but saw someone say it couldnt give enough juice, is that right? Or a pittsburgh modular 48 cell, but that needs some kind of adapter? Any advice for the uninitiated much appreciated (and sorry if there are existing threads on this, I tried to use search but was borked on my phone). Cheers! ^1

Sorry posted in wrong forum - can a mod delete please?

Get the biggest you can afford, since you’ll probably just need to buy a second one if you get a small one.

If you are in the EU, i have a DOEPFER LC-9 or LC-6 to let go… or you could have a look here and there