Good Publicity

Yup. Very cool. One day, Ableton will sell an entire Mutable Instruments VST pack- for $75 bucks. All the kids will discover it, and post “WTB” ads on Craigslist and Gearslutz and scour ebay for Shruthis, Ambikas and Anushris.

They’ll prefer the originals- “The original DIY Ambika was the purest, rawest one”, they’ll say as they post side-by-side comparisons on Soundcloud, and, once again, history repeats itself.

I’ll still be scouring Ebay for a non-fried Rack Fizmo and a Microwave XT at that point in time.

Haha! I think we’ve been round that story before. Some people got dazzled by VA’s and software. Now all of that still coexist with both ancient and new hardware.

And, both the Fizmo and the XT are great! Just add a K5000s, a Chroma Polaris and a WSA1…

…and on and on into synth-finity!

Yep. Only got the WSA1 left of that crowd. And maybe a Jupiter or MKS80, or a Waldorf Wave, or…

Naah, just going to spend some time programming the FS1r, and maybe get an ESQ1 :smiley:

I keep looking at the ESq1 but im hooing the ambika will fill the hole

Such a shame Ensoniq went under. That ESQ-1 is SUCH a classic. You can hear it on hundreds of well-known 80s and early 90s tunes.

Yes, and the modulation and synthesis capability of their samplers are superb.

Get a ESQ-1 while they are affordable. Besides the MI Range its my favourite - AS LONG AS JOJJELITO DOESNT GIVE ME MY VS

yeah and while we’re at it, MY chroma!

My Polaris and VS will rest here for the while. Maybe if you trade me a Wave… or a CS80 :smiley:

If i had a wave i guess i wouldnt care for the VS anymore…

Actually the VS isn’t buggy or require floppies :wink:
It sadly lacks gas springs though…

And it has not this supersexx red Waldorf Dial…