Good place to buy screws for Shruthi?

Hi all, I am currently looking for a good place to buy screws and spacers for my Shruthi-1, any suggestions? I tried Home Depot but the smallest they have is 4mm, and according to the /build/digital site I need the following:

  1. 12mm screw (15mm in some kits)
  2. Bottom enclosure panel
  3. 2mm nut
  4. Filter PCB
  5. Washer
  6. 22mm Spacer (older kits have a 20mm spacer and four extra 2mm nuts)
  7. Digital/control PCB
  8. 6mm screw

I do not have the case, as I am incorporating this into part of a larger project, but the spacers and screws are still necessary to hold this thing together


Where are you based?

Central Coast California! San Luis Obispo to be exact