Good cheap euro modules

Hello !

In order to get ideas for filling a new empty case, let’s discuss good (whatever that means) and cheap (whatever that means) euro modules.

I’ll start with the doepfer wasp filter. Cheap, good set of features and interesting sound.

I find that most Doepfer modules offer a great price-value ratio. They usually are very straightforward to use and in my experience also are very reliable.
Pittsburgh has some inexpensive modules, but from what I have read/discussed with other people, I’m not sure they are always so reliable. Though the Generator seems like a great and affordable choice for a complex oscillator type of module (which usually would cost you around 600€). I got a Polivoks VCF from Erica, which I also think is a great one!
The RCD + expander is a great clock divider module, for a good price, though it lacks clock multiplication. The Sonic Potions Penrose is also worth a mention here.
EMW has a lot of very affordable modules, no idea on the quality though. Never saw/heard one live.

polyvoks vcf, yes ! and available as a kit so even cheaper :slight_smile:

Agreed. There are tons of great Doepfer modules, and I feel they often get overlooked in favour of the newer/trendier modules out there. And yes the Wasp is a particularly good one! Although prone to failure… Mine lasted 2 months before it needed a new 4069 ic. Fortunately the parts are socketed and cheap/easy to get.

I also have the Erica synths Polivoks VCF which is great! And not entirely unlike the Wasp filter. All the Erica stuff looks good and is inexpensive. Im considering their Eurocrack power supply, as i’ll soon need a beefier one for my case.

Music Thing Mikrophonie (DIY) is also silly cheap and quite useful. Its basically a contact microphone and there are all sorts of interesting ways to use it (You often see it used in MI Rings videos)

RYO have lots of neat & inexpensive modules too. Although for the most part they are also DIY. I recently got the Penta 5 step sequencer and I get lots of use out of that.

RCD seems good. I’ve built one, but not used it yet. Available as a kit.

There’s also the SCM (Shuffling Clock Multiplier), also from 4ms, which looks equally useful. Doesn’t seem so easy to get this as a kit, for some reason (at least in the UK).

Mutable Instruments own Links and Shades modules are pretty good value.


Oh, yes, if you’re into DIYing modules, everything by Music Thing is a good bet:

Turing Machine + expanders
Spring Reverb
Radio Music
Simple EQ (bit trickier to build, as uses surface-mount components, but there aren’t many of them)

Bastl instruments modules are cheapish. Also some full DIY kits. I have the Grandpa and expander, which seems cool, but I’ve read a few reports of firmware glitches.


Needless to say that all of the Mutable modules really have a good price point, if you compare them with some of the competitors :slight_smile:

If you are comfortable with DIY, then have a look at thonk. They offer a vast amount of inexpensive modules, often available as kits and the necessary stuff for being in modular heaven…
I could recommend some, but simply don’t know where to start, as some of them are not an easy build for beginners. When it comes to VCOs or VCAs then you should own a scope, else you may get lost quite easily.

Synthcube in the US have a fairly broad range of DIY module kits and PCB/panel sets. They stock a lot of stuff Thonk don’t (and vice-versa).


Nonlinearcircuits, Ladik, Befaco, Manhattan Analog, YuSynth/Bridechamber (not so much now, Synthcube doesn’t have enough of it in stock yet). Random Source (Serge stuff).

ES Disting MKIII
MI Peaks

Greatest value propositions in a function per dollar/euro sense.

Doepfer 185-2 „Precision Adder“. Small and comparably cheap module but super useful.

  • 1 for Peaks. Everybody should at least have two.

+2 for Peaks :smiley:


Completely agree about Peaks and Disting III

The Disting Mk3 is ssssoooo deep ,def getting another .Peaks also( i have 2 of those )1 plain (sic) one running BB’s DMC

Is deep good for Euro? aren’t people trying to get away from menu diving and using four buttons to operate 40 features?

If someone is looking to maximize money spent in a euro setup (hence good-cheap) I guess that “menu diving” is a way to achieve a lot with a little.

But, I don´t see the menu diving in Peaks or Disting, what I see is buttons that let you pre-set the function that the module will have in a patch.

Operating them has no menu diving.

I think it’s good idea to have 80-90% of your system made of menu-free modules, and the rest made of general-purpose/multi-function modules (like Peaks, Disting, Braids) - for the “long tail” of functions you’re not going to use on every patch and that would clutter your rack if you bought a dedicated module for all of them.

Well its not “one knob per function” and you need to memorise symbols and what each knob will be doing in each of the different modes.

It’s all down to why people want to use Euro, I’m sure there will be different reasons for different people. Some are escaping the tedium of the “solid state” world of preset playing synths. Others are doing it for fashion or fun.

Disting is handy, I have two of them. Attenuverters are very handy with them as well. I must admit I only use two or three of the functions 'though.