Going with Ambika, diy route

After a couple more DIY attic projects that i managed to build from scratch ( and scrap parts :), jury-rig skill improved )

As far as etching boards is concerned, i suppose laser printing on glossy magazine paper will not do it, there is a smd component with small traces ? I suppose it could be veroboarded, but that will be a new level of difficulty in itself…

If you search the forum…
Scrab has made self etched Ambika voicecard boards. But i would call it a challenge at least. It’s the fact that they are double sided that makes it difficult. I would then modify the eagle files to have everything as much on one side as possible and use jumpers for the rest. And maybe make them a little bit bigger to make it easier.

I’ve also seen a veroboard Ambika here on the forum. I wouldn’t say that is bigger a challenge than self etching. But it should keep you busy for a while.

I know, double sided makes it somewhat painfull, but i have had fairly sucess with that. Im more scared of drilling that many holes and not ruining things, luck wont last forever :wink:

Have look on example picture. Print both sides on separate sheets (toner transfer paper) then match them together on some bright glass, tape them on edges and slip inside double sided clad pcb. Pass it thru laminator 3-5 times or iron it (at at least 200 'C). Top side pcb is printed out in mirror.

I print them slightly larger with four crosses ( diagonally ) that need to align, ensuring that both sides are aligned ( as precise as you can with sticks and stones )

I print 2 crosses, align top and bottom film (i uses laser printed overhead foil), punch 2 Holes thru the crosses in both films simultaneously, tape bottom film to the pcb, align top film on the other side using a matching rod in the holes, tape top film to PCB and expose.

I did not try to use film laden blank boards yet. What do you use to print ? I have a old hp 1020 laser printer but sometimes it can make lines blurry, fuzzy-ish.