Going to order from digikey anyone want to join


I am going to order missing parts from the kit of PM4 and all available parts of Digital FX board from digikey soon.

I am planning to ask to ship them to Switzerland but Germany is an option too for me.

Does anyone would like to join ? I do not know how to share the shipment cost but I am open to the ideas.

I will also order

Neutrik Audio Jack 6.35 - http://www.musikerkabel.de/
8 pins female header ( Sparkfun PRT-10007) - http://www.lipho.de
Optional Vol. Pot (Tubetown Alpha 16 PCB 10k A) - http://www.musikding.de

i i will be interested.
Need some switch and knobs caps and other things…
I am french, but depending where you are in switzerland, i can come to pick the item irl, i am in annemasse, near the frontier.
need audio jack too.
If you just order femle header from sparfun, you can certainly gain a bit on that as i think i have some here lefts.
I have optionzl volume pot too…

can’t have the time to check what i need before tomrrow afternoon…

Hi flo,

I m near anemasse at fillinges. Maybe we could meet to share our hobby :wink:
Did you assemble a mutable’ instrument ?