GM5 Order - getting close: add now!

wtf you guys? i checked the wiki a few hours ago and now i return to my pc and the 250 is complete. i did not think we would fill it THAT fast.

We have no time to make prisoners…

I bought way more than I need it seems, so I’ll be open for dirty trading if someone gets left out :smiley:

Frank why do you need them send you your password? didn’t it work?

they send you a password when you create an account.
But it looks ok now :slight_smile:

Frank, once you can add yourself, remove up to 5 of mine plus 5 PCBs so that it’s still a full batch.

More DIY = more fun.
And winter is coming (eventually) and we need something to do to keep the basement/kitchen table/corner of the floor occupied.


He was added already… I have to say, 15 gm5 chips seems a bit much, no? :stuck_out_tongue:

Naaw, but I’ll adjust it down a tad. The order will still fill quickly. Figured a few friends could use some… Sorry, it’ll be a small delay.

i lowered mine too. i have already 2 working units.

somehow the list is down to 245 again. someone might have chickened out…

I did. Couldn’t use all 15 new chips, even if seeding lots of them at my friends. Sorry, but it’ll fill up again soon.


surely it’ll happen soon though.

Im thinking about stuffing all of them in a single 3U Rack with internal USB Hub… makes 41 Ports then altogether with my AMT-8/Unitor Combo. Should last a while.

till then I’m going to try this with the teensy++ I already have. The teensy 3.0 kickstarter is happening right now. If this works, however, I will likely add it directly to my shruthi. It’s a very low cost option to turn midi to USB.

Hmm, 2x 5x5 should fit in a 1u rack unit, right?

Also, who’s the naysayer who has retracted his/her order ? !

maybe we then should do some 19" Enclosures together?
Im thinking of something similar than the AMT-8 Range so 9 I/Os to the Back and 1 to the Front + all LEDs to the Front, a nice Power Switch and internal USB-Hub with one USB Uplink and USB Downlink so you can Polychain the Units? And a Sick Color, maybe Purple?

I just threw in another one so ill have 6x for 3 Units.

WTF? Now it’s down to 242, who is playing here?

Oh well, the builds in front of me will take some time anyways…

I think jojjelito lowered his order a bit…

@fcd72 I haven’t checked to see if the dimensions fit, but in theory there should be plenty of space?
I think i remember something about chaining two boards to get a 10in 10 out board, but the mbwiki is terrible, so not going to dive around looking for that specific information… :confused:

On a completely unrelated note - I want one of these