GM5 Order - getting close: add now!

The GM5 bulk order page is quickly getting near the tipping point, largely thanks to users from this forum! The min order is 250, current count is 237 up from just under 200 only a few days ago!

Join the forum there and add your order by editing the page here

I’m adding this as a separate thread as it completely hijacked the patch needed thread. Now there is another thread to hijack! (But first let’s get over 250!)

Link for the lazy
Dangit, just saw that you added a link/had one… (Also, am I the only one who recognizes at least half of the names from the MI forums?)

Anyways, go get yours ! :slight_smile:

Nope, tons of names from there. I think I even saw a few from the wtpa forum and the monome forum.

Just because I’m dumb - where do i get the big 5x5 PCBs?

Shit, this is so scrambled… where do i order the Chips and where do i get the PCBs?

Bumped to 241/80/117 with midisizer – anyone else?

@fcd72 Just fill the table in wiki with name and quantities you want.

@fcd72, I believe that filling in |yourusername|9|4|5| would be the equivalent of:

1) bringing the total to the requisite 250!
2) ordering 4 single in/out pcbs
3) ordering 5 5x5 interface pcbs
4) being the hero to take it to the limit

… and don’t forget to updated totals :wink:

Push it to the limit, not take it to the limit :slight_smile:

Push it to the limit

I’m thinking this is beyond me but if you guys would entertain me for a moment I would appreciate it. Could I get three chips and three PCBs and build a 15 in x 15 out MIDI patchbay? Is there patch storage in this thing, similar to the other patchbays out there? Does it need to be connected to a computer to work?


If they would send me the Password sometime I’m awake id take the rest but only with 5x5 board. I need a few more IOs for my ever growing ShruthiVersum…

Yo Shimoda, would you be so kind to reserve for me 6 Chips and 5 big 5x5 boards as long as they don’t send my password?

Hopefully not this Limit

Edit: Even worse - is there anything like a TasteGate™ I could insert into my Main Monitor Out?

Will do, I actually just upped mine by 2, consider it done!

EDIT: Done, but we can reconfigure it if you get your password easily. Now who knows when someone (who is in charge) will notice how rapidly we got this one over the top! Current totals: 250/80/124

We’ll have to celebrate when it’s over

Cool! Thank you Shimoda!

@fcd72 your edit: Edit: Even “worse:“ – is there anything like a TasteGate™ I could insert into my Main Monitor Out?

needs an edit: Edit: Even worse – is there anything like a TasteGate™ I could insert into my Main Monitor Out?

@fcd72, how about a Playaway Plan™ on that remaining Programmer…

@shimoda - can do. I’m pro when it comes to dirty trading :wink:

BTW, just got my Password - i corrected your Order so everything matches…

Now we just need to poke TK or nILS (or whoever was in charge of this thing…) … Any volunteers?

Already poked (via message on the forum).