Global filter?

I’m using all 6 parts of the Ambika in mono mode, all parts are exactly the same patch but tuned differently for phat mono style chords. However, I have been through the manual several times and I can’t figure out how to change filter or resonance or whatever settings globally on all 6 parts. Is this possible? Have I missed something obvious?

It’s not possible.

But if all parts are receiving on the same MIDI channel, you could still do it with an external controller.

I don’t have an Ambika, but I do similar things with my SQ-80 with the multi patches. If each “voice” is on a different MIDI channel you will need to send the CC for cutoff and resonance to the six separate channels or if there is no other synth on the line simply send it to “omni” or all 16 MIDI channels.

Or as pichenettes said, use the same MIDI channel on each part. You will still need an external controller of some sort though. If your MIDI keyboard has built in knobs with user CC mapping, you should be set. :slight_smile:

I actually thought about setting this up, but I wanted to make sure. I guess I can deal with using an external controller. Fake chord memory is quite pleasant. Thanks for the info!

You could do the same thing by using the unisono mode on the Ambika. Then you could just use one part with six voices and use the detune parameter.

shiftr I do that frequently but it isn’t quite the same. :slight_smile: