Glitched's Shruti-1 Case Available For Download

nope, screws holes are are slight off. you wouldn’t be able to use em. although i must say, when you have that bottom plate well secured (i do in my pt-8 - to the bottom of the case) and the in/out jacks attached to the back panel also taking some of the load, it is pretty solid. those support solder points are pretty strong.

You could make the holes smaller on the MIDI jacks as well. However I’ve noticed there’s a big variation in the size of MIDI plugs so you might run into trouble using some cables. Which is why I left my holes large-ish. My feeling is it really wouldn’t be easy to establish a good mechanical connection that way anyway… epoxy might work better.


so this just arrived today. still less than the estimate, really happy w/the look of the bamboo. and yeah pics coming once this gets assembled!

aaaaaand here we go. b/c of slight warping/human error i had to file a number of the joins to get this together. not a big deal - was a lil more nasty around the pots…

looks good!