Glitched's Shruti-1 001: "Whiteout"

[Since is going away, I have moved all the details on my making process to my sever, here: ]

So, it’s finally finished. After a solid week of planning and designing and another three weeks of waiting for Ponoko, the enclosure is finished. I call it, “Whiteout”, for obvious reasons.
It’s simple and elegant, if a bit generic, but the point was to make a compact case for under $30 (the price of just a faceplate at some places).
More so, it was important for me to go through the entire DIY process without any (or much) help.
Prior to this project, I had done an x0xb0x and a MIdibox SID with customized cases, but nothing completely from scratch. There was always an idea that came from this guy, a template from that guy…this time, I needed to do everything myself.
Anyway, there are tons of details at the site mentioned above, so check that out if you need more info.

Check out the pics, in the gallery, at the bottom of this post:

That’s beautiful!

Cute little guy.

Lovely !

Yeah man, excellent work! I like how the backlight from the LCD ends up illuminating the translucent acrylic… almost makes me wonder if you could’ve gotten away with not even cutting a hole for the LED’s at all, just letting them shine through…

how is your LCD held on? Looks great btw,

very nice!

looks very good! and it also shows that one long rectangular for all buttons doesn’t look bad at all!

looks great! In fact I’d say it looks amazing!

Good job glitched - and I especially like that you bit the bullet and learned and did most/all of this on your own!

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I’m really proud of it.
A couple things I would change:

  1. spacing of volume pots on the side (too close to the power switch)
  2. add some engraved graphics or text
  3. change LEDs/LCD to match colors (cost prohibitive, this time around)
  4. increase the clearance above the LCD (I had to push it down; it’s not centered)
  5. separate the main buttons from the inc/dec buttons (I didn’t do this because I feared that tiny strip of plastic would simply break)

Hum…nice idea. The LED’s would definitely shine through, but the idea behind having them poke through was to collect them in functional groups. I don’t know if it’s clear from the picture, but the first rectangle contains a group of 3 led’s (osc), the second circle is the filter, the next group is for modulation, etc. Oh and the

The LCD has threaded spacers screwed onto it and those spacers are glued (with epoxy, not superglue) to the faceplate. Same goes for the other pcb’s. It’s really a simple and flexible solution; it’s nice if you don’t want to have screw holes.

One final note: the 3mm acrylic is actually very durable. I was afraid that it would break if I applied any pressure, but it didn’t.

Wow, utterly beautiful work. I really like the simplicity of it, the proportions – has a sense of quirky personality amidst that minimalism.

If you’re interested, I’ll be doing another revision of the board, fixing the things I mentioned, and putting the .svg or .eps on ponoko. Unfortunately, it’s a little expensive for me to make it again, so I won’t be able to check it.
I’ll update this post when I’m done.

Hi Glitched, Sorry to bother you but I was thinking about making an adaptation to your work do you still have the sketchup and ponoko files?

You do realize this is a 2,5 years old thread and this is about the Shruti-1, not the Shruthi-1, right? :wink:

Absolutely. My poor Shruti-1 has been lonely since no longer are his kind manufactured, but I promised him a new case for Christmas in hopes to cheer him up!

Orbitalgun: Thanks for your interest. I haven’t checked this forum for a while. I hope you were able to give your Shruti a home. Unfortunately, I could not find the source Sketch-up files, but the .svg files can be edited with something like Inkscape. Here are those files: