Girts23's Ambika rack

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Image here

Wow, looks really good ! Panel from FPE ?

@Girts23: very nice!

@Lamouette/rck: no, I bought 2U case and did some drilling and sawing at home :slight_smile:


Now that’s REALLY nice Girts23!

Lovely logo too.


That looks really good! Damn good to be exact! Thumbs up!

Really great for studio or live setup! Good work


Must be a compley redesigned PCB, no?

Why should he redesign the PCB for a one off? I bet its just a bunch of RainbowCables :wink:

Ah, so the PCB would sit horizontal, and display etc is just mounted on the forntoanel with cables?

looks awesome! We demand a picture from the inside :slight_smile:



Sorry, guys, I missed a discussion. Yes, it is a bunch of rainbow cables :slight_smile:

Looks nice and RED!

I am going to build a programmer+ into a housing like this. Got the 2HU housing from Thomann.

@girts23 How did you manage to get the hole for the display so nice? Drill the corners and then use a coping saw or similar?

@supercollider: real men do 3 HE ! The drilling can be done for example by They have an option to use customer material.

@nightworxx Oh, now I’m sad, I’m not a real man :frowning:

I have limited space in my rack is all… Thanks though, I’ll check out schaeffer.

Hehe, no offense !