Girts23 cases

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Hi @cereyanlimusiki! The Bassline is actually analog monosynth from Music From Outer Space modules + few more modules squeezed in 1U rack :slight_smile:

Hi, @altitude! Bit of manual work! :slight_smile: For small enclosures I simply took unprocessed PCB with solid foil on one side, cut out each side of the enclosure with a saw and then soldered them together. Afterwards I use 2 component epoxy cement to fill gaps on the edges. When it has hardened, I use sandpaper to give smooth finish and then paint it black. Some long time ago I used this technique for extremely advanced shapes, like stompboxes that look like from production line in factory :slight_smile: Friend of mine does silkscreen for about 7 EUR for unique peace. Rack mount panel is much simpler - you take a sheet of 2mm aluminium, paint it, apply silkscreen, drill holes for controlls. All pcbs are attached to the front panel. The case behind, which you actually do not see, is made of 8mm plywood and painted black. I hope it helps and motivates! :slight_smile:


Yeah, eh? They look great too.

Yups. Girts23 Cases are among the most beautiful i have seen - besides mine, naturally…

Of course! Yours are classics! :slight_smile: Thanx for the Programmer design! It works great and really extends Shruthi to nuances of sound design.

Did you get one of the self etched boards or did you do it 100% on your own. If so, post some pics in the Programmer thread

Does anyone have the internal dimensions of the Ambika plexi case? Also, any recommendations for a prefab raw metal enclosure that can be tooled, painted and silk screened to look like Girts23? How is Hammond Mfg? Thx!

The complete Case Files should be in the Github Repository.

Girts23, It’s beautiful!