Ghost in the Machine

How on earth is my shruthi playing a sequence that plays out over 4 bars when I only programmed a 16 step sequence over one bar? I am thinking it may be to do with the LFO? One time I had the sequence cycle over 8 bars, all from a 1 bar sequence…weird, but lovely.

Clock division (div) set to another value than /16?

Nope, the Shruthi is set to 16/th’s, and the Korg, which is playing the main sequence, is just on its standard 1/1 tempo…

It ‘appears’ the OP 4step setting is not only cycling between oscillators/sub/noise, but is playing the sequencer on the Shruthi at quarter time…I really do not know exactly what it is to be sure, but I really, really like this quirky side effect! It makes my sound more fluid and less regimented…I will upload the patch so others can see how i made the sound, see if they can’t figure out what is going on!

Here we go, it is called MOORBass…It is more spacey than bassy! :slight_smile: