Getting highly variable cymbal/metallic sounds

Hello! I’m a vdrummer who is interested in incorporating modular synths, to get away from everything being a sample without variation beyond volume. I have a vision but I don’t know if it’s possible.

The first module I purchased is a Bastl Kong, which takes a vdrum as its input and outputs CV for trigger and velocity of the hit. I want my dynamics to alter the sound of a cymbal, so that a ghost note has one tone, a regular hit has another tone, and a hard hit has a new sound (maybe a bell), and the sound changes during a crescendo or decrescendo. I think that if I experiment with combinations of utility modules, I’d be able to turn velocity information into a function that modulates a sound in an interesting way. But, I haven’t figured out what sound sources might be good first choices.

I am interested in opinions about great cymbal/metallic/splashy sound sources that might be well-suited for this idea. And/or, I’d love to know if are there filters/distortion/??? modules that would take a less variable cymbal, and give it this kind of variety. Thank you!

Already, just using rings with the raw output from kong as an exciter and envelope follower output as modulation will certainly be fun! I dont drum myself but i essentially sequence all the relevant parameters (position, velocity etc) and it is VERY dynamic.
WMD makes a few interesting drum modules, particularly the crucible is a physical model of a cymbal and that im sure would respond very well to your concept. It can also get very unrealistic which is what you are after i assume :slight_smile: