Get your personalized Shruthi assembled and tested, ready to play with!

For those who do not feel comfortable assembling the kit with a soldering iron, or who just don’t have time for it, you can now buy the whole thing as a professional product, ready to play with, and for a very low price! And to make your life easier, the power adaptor suitable for your country is included!

The product comes protected in his professional custom package that you can keep for storage.

But that was not enough: You can also personalize your shruthi online : Color of the case, of the display, of the LEDs… Get your very own personalized instrument!

Here is the link to the shruthi on our store:

All the products we sell have a one-year warranty.

That’s great, but you have posted in the wrong forum… :wink:

Hmm, yes I just figured out it would be better in “the market” section.
I don’t know if I can change that now.

I suggest you apply to Olivier as a “trusted builder”, so he can list your company in this thread.

yep “market” is the right cathegory for this kind of posts. You might also have posted in the wrong forums altogether since most people like to build their things themselves here :smiley:

That’s good advice. I’m now contacting Olivier. Thanks.

btw. where are you located?

In France.

From the original thread:

How to get on this list?

  • Support Mutable Instruments by buying your boards and programmed chips from me, and official cases from Frank.

This is not the case here, so this one won’t go in the “trusted builders” list.

Oh dear - someone making money off the back of other people’s hard work without giving anything back?

Don’t like the sound of that.


I’m wiling to give something back to Olivier for his work, but I just cannot buy his PCBs, because I need them to be made at the same place as the assembly and part sourcing is done. It is different for the cases, that I can (and I do) buy to Frank. Let us find a fair solution, like a percentage of my sales paid back to MI. Olivier, let’s talk about that in private.

builder doesn’t apply here too, or does it?

This sounds like industrial manufacture. Has the whiff of Mode Machines about it.


This is interesting I think. We now have proof that the Shruthi is popular-enough and capable-enough to copy and manufacture in a more or less volume situation. Kinda cool really. Olivier, were you aware this was going on? Had Moretto contacted you before starting his endeavour? Rosch is correct, builder doesn’t really apply here. Maybe alternate source or third-party provider or something. I think a royalty back to Olivier is fair 'though, even if Moretto raises his prices a bit to compensate.

> Olivier, were you aware this was going on? Had Moretto contacted you before starting his endeavour?


@toneburst also feel that whiff

@toneburst: are you referring to the xoxbox/midibox thing?

I guess the bottom fell out of the Back to the Future prop market…

(edited to remove the word crappy in case that reflected on the quality of the items instead of my intended meaning)

@rumpelfilter precisely so.


“We are specialized in special electronic products for niche markets, that are difficult to find.”
"You can actually use these props inside your Delorean car to convert it into a screen accurate BTTF time machine! "

Niche indeed… I have only ever seen one DeLorean , and that was one that some clown had painted brown …