Ges**s meeting at musikmesse frankfurt?

hi, i am thinking about going to musikmesse frankfurt this saturday. (i am not sure yet)

any chance of meeting some of you people there?

sadly, not me…

me neither,
not enough GeSOCs there

I’ll be at musikmesse on saturday

i think i won`t make it. to much work :frowning:

have fun alessio.

and if it is your first time:

make sure to check where you want to go before you go there. last year i spent hours searching for some stuff because some companies are not where you expect them to be (Halle 5.1 is the place to go first i guess) even one modular synth was in the “sound & light” area, where stage PAs, DMX controlers and Light stuff is supposed to go.

also bring your own food and drinks. everything is rediculously expensive there.