Germany and France : Conrad, Free shipping and 20 percent off ----> 23/09/2012


France and Germany : free shipping and 20 percent off —> 23/09/2012 at Conrad
For those who lack one DEL to complete their kit :0)

offers extended ----> 23/09/2012

Thanks for the tip Lucchio, i used it!

This is true for the German Conrad as well :slight_smile:
(for those of you lucky enough to live in a country with Conrad stores… Bleh, no such thing here .)

joma : I am glad that the links help you
V’cent : I’m not sure that i understand what do you mean … Offers is ok for Germany too ? and you not lucky enough to live near these store ?

I should be more careful in my English lessons at school !

@Lucchio Meh, I can understand you, so all is well :smiley:
The offer is valid on the German site as well, but since I live in Denmark(land of NO electronic parts vendors/retailers), I can’t take advantage of it :frowning:

So I understood almost everything :0)
And i understand if I want to become a billionaire I just opened a store in Danemark !

Yes ! :smiley:

I’m considering using this offer to buy parts for a polivoks filter and maybe more stuff. Would it be a bargain or should I get components from other sites such as Mouser, Farnell etc… ?

the thing with conrad is there’s no point getting parts. they only carry the most common stuff, and have pharmacy prices. sometimes when in need of some really common parts i drive there (30km) and ask, haha dilemma. “polystyrene caps? hohoho, last time we had those was about 10 years ago, at least” with a facial expression as if that’s just how things are nowadays. nobody needs that polys anymore?
if someone’s really keen on that deal i could probably get the stuff for you, but i think it’s cheaper somewhere else, anywhere else, even with the sale.

Yes it is true, they do not have the best prices and things just very common in electronics, but for someone who not live near to a store electronic (me or in Denmark example: 0) ) it can be interesting.
Minimum for delivery should be about 10-20 euros in other commons stores no ?

i believe have a minimum order quantity of 10€, i don’t know for sure from others.