Generating White Noise with current lineup?

Hi all, I’m looking to generate regular old white(ish) noise using my current setup. I want to use it as an exciter for Rings and also ocean sounds. Woosh, wasshh.

Beads Ripples Rings Shades Blades Veils Links, Double Stages w Qiemem, Pam’s, Scales.

The only thing I can think of is somehow speeding up the S&H on Stages but I haven’t had luck with that.

Anyone have an idea?

Hello. You can achieve noise with either Blades or Stages using cross modulation.
For exemple, using Blades, make the two filters self-oscillate in low pass setting. Patch out2 into fm1 and out1 into fm2 as mentioned in the manual and listen to the main out set to output filter 1 (for exemple). With filter 1 cutoff freq at 5’ and filter 2 around 11, you should get noise. Send it to ripple for filtering.

Same with Stages : take two free audio rate looping green segments. Send output of each one to the mod input of the other one (shades or veils can be useful to attenuate the mod and find the right setting). Play with the frequency and stop when you get noise.

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Doesn’t help you now, but white noise is coming in the next version of my Stages firmware by cranking the random segments all the way up. In the current version, if you throw 8v of CV in a random segment, it will get up to around 7kHz of random samples with a touch of filtering, which, alas, does not sound white. You can also put an audio rate clock into a random segment to get an audio rate TM-like noise source, which can be cool, but again, not white.


Man, I can’t wait to try this, this is exciting, thanks!

EDIT: Tried it, works perfectly, I used two Stages audio-rate like you said and split the signal using Links, over to the Blades and then used various wobbly LFOs to modulate the filter freq and filter modes, and presto: a day at the ocean, in stereo.

Aw yeah! Cranking the randoms was what I tried first, with results as you describe. I didn’t try the audio-clock to the random, that sounds fun.

Looking forward to this new version.

It’s not quite white noise, but putting Rings into FM mode, maxing Brightness/Damping/Position, and self-patching an output to the frequency CV input, gets pretty close.

Other modes with an output self-patched to V/OCT can be fun – Karplusverb is the closest to white noise, the rest are a lot farther…

Of course if you’re doing that with Rings you can’t use it as an exciter for Rings… unless you capture it with Beads and play back Beads’ buffer.

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Ooh, here’s something to try (not at my modular at the moment, so not sure how it works out), though it eats Beads:

Send a waveform into Beads, let it play for a bit, hit freeze. Set size to 0 (at like 10:00), set Density all the way CCW, then use CV to get it as high as you can go. Turn up the randomizer on Time so it’s playing random tiny snippets of sound as fast as it possibly can. Play with other randomizers. Not sure what this will sound like, but should offer an interesting area of noise generation!

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Add Kinks!


Quantum rainbow by ssf is 3hp and gives you 5 colors

i would definitely try to accomplish a resonating Highpass output from ripples fed into Blades or vice versa.

you should get some waves and crackles and all kind of noise