Gear advice needed : Is the Line 6 Toneport /Pod Studio KB 37 worth getting?

Hello mutablists,

So I’ve come to realize that my current audio/midi set up (ie M-Audio Oxygen 49/Fast Track Ultra) might benefit from being scaled down : 49 keys are taking too much space and I don’t use all the ins and outs of my (unstable on my laptop) soundcard…

Browing for opportunities I came accross this “all in one” product by Line 6 which seems great : a rare 37 keys (I have the feeling that 25 might be a little limited) + an audio interface that could suit my basic needs for prodution and portability.

I’ve found one Toneport KB37 (the older version but that seems to be similar hardwarewise to the Pod Studio) for sale, second hand : 150€

Should I get it ? Basically if anone here has ever tried one of these i’d be highly grateful for reviews…

Thx in advance,


Just noticed that the Toneport has no midi ports… I’d like to be able to use my beloved Shruthi and other synth without a computer, so I’m open to other set up suggestions…

The classic struggle…no real midi ports on so many keyboards these days…I got a Alesis Q25 but would like to find a Novation 37SL used to replace it, but those don’t cover your need for an interface.