Gathering interest: ShruthiXT Metal Enclosure

So now that there is a bulk order for XT PCBs, I want to see how many people would be interested in CNC cut cases like I am prone to do. Essentially these are extruded and anodized aluminum alloy profiles and panels machined by CAM expert or Front Panel Express.

This is what my Anushri looks like:

What I envision is the same style except in natural (silver) aluminum with the legend laser engraved or silk screened (depending on how many ppl are interested). I am also considering going to the thinner profiles, the ones shown on the anushri are the larger ones but with the XT with the extra room, the filter board could be offset to knock off some height and make it look less like a shoe box. This is what the smaller profiles look like:

This would require a bit more tinkering than usual of course but the results would be very nice

Price breaks start at 5 units and if I get 10 people, ball park price would be $150 USD

Id totally be into getting one, if I could find someone to assemble me a xt pcb as well :D.

I would be in. I don’t have a strong preference either way on the case profile, although the slimmer idea does sound tempting.

P.S. Are those knobs on the Anushri from Digikey?

sounds great id be in

bonobo: smallbear



Any idea of cost?

around $150

Hmm… Most likely interested.

Maybe a bit high for me right now.

I’m interested in this. Only to replace the plexi from the original though. The metal faceplate of the XT looks great the way it is today.

Any news regarding this?

Not at this time.

@altitude Should we start a counter?

nope. Moving up the queue rapidly though.