Gatekeepers wanted

Ignore this message if you have less than 100 posts on this forum…

There have been a few bad cases of spam recently in spite of the captcha registration, so I’ve temporarily switched to manual approval until I find a better solution. It’s quite easy to tell the bots - fishy email addresses and long boilerplate answer to the “why do you want to join?” question.

I am looking for volunteer moderators to approve newcomers while I’m sleeping. Once you’re in, you’ll get an extra menu item to activate / reject applicants.


Does the software have the ability to ban by IP? Its probaly infected bot machines posting.

yep 4 guys in a row and all with the same reasons to join.
maybe i encouraged them by approving one last night.

man, there is just a steady stream of these things isnt there.

Guess this means it’s a good thing we got in when we did, closed party!

I just rejected my first one bwahahahaha! Boilerplate text, and the email domain was pointing to an anti-wrinkle cream website…

shit. i approved one of them. i’m easy apparently

Was it “LuzgdM1”?


rosch is fired.

(apparently so am i)

I had the menu earlier on my phone but its gone…

it seems it shows only when there are applicants

I havent seen it since all you noobs got added. We are better than any algo.

hmmm i don’t see a new menu item. where is it?

ok i found it.
i hope i approved a human :smiley:

Interesting that all of them use the same boiler plate text:
{I want to {see new threads|follow the discussion|be part here|see new additions|access all parts|contibute|say something|reply to a thread|reply to a user|message a user|contact a user|read everything}.

I can cover the Asia-Pacific timezone :wink: Happy to help!

available as well

bla bla Interesting :slight_smile:

I could help if you need it, but I’m in your time zone :slight_smile:

Want to buy some replica watches? Handbags?

If you need assistance… but i might have a problem with the 100 posts though. Are only usefull counting?