Gate issue Elements (soft volume while triggered)

I have a brand new Makenoise Rene and Elements. If i push the play button on Elements it sounds loud and clear.
If i sequence the Elements with the Rene it sounds very soft, as if the gate signal is very soft.
If i cranck op all the volumes it does sound louder and ok but i shouldn’t have to cranck up all my system and module volumes. If i do and i do press the play button on Elements i trash my studio speakers.

I have new Doepfer busboards supporting +5v and i have strong power supplies so i can’t overload my busboard as far as i know. Do i miss anything here?

Advice would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Can you send me a photo of the settings of the module?

Elements’ GATE input is not sensitive to the level of the signal (it’s a “logic” input). But depending on the envelope settings, it could be sensitive to the duration of the signal.

Depending on the settings, Elements can be somewhat unpredictable. E.g. the blow exciter uses feedback and does almost nothing when the gate is only very short.

My guess is that you’re feeding a trigger into it. The module expects a gate signal. Your volume is probably low, because in the short period where the trigger is high, the resonator barely starts resonating. When you press the button, the high period is much longer, allowing the resonator to fully unfold it’s volume.

I’m just guessing here. If you tell us you exact settings, we can probably be a little more precise

Edit: ahhhh I was too slow…

I just noticed that when Rene is not in snake mode the X and Y gates blink clearly. When in snake mode the lights blink much softer. Not sure if that means less trigeer? But as said Gate is not sensitive to to level and logic)
I guess i have to check the Rene manual, as the sequencer is not of the easy type.

The sequence i’m running now (not in snakemode but regular with clear X/Y gates) is just with Strike/Mallet and give tripplets on single note triggers only for the strike/mallot … all others are just single notes … is that normal?

It means very short triggers. And this explains why you don’t get any loud sound from Elements, because the ASR envelope that controls the BLOW/BOW exciters doesn’t have the time to reach full amplitude by the time the trigger goes low and the envelope’s release phase is activated.

Check in the René manual how to widen the output pulses. Maybe it has a “gate length” or “trigger vs gate” setting somewhere!

Hi Pinchenettes,

Thank you very much for your reply! (all of you actually)

I just came across a video where someone explained about the very short pulses meaning it connects with your explanation.

The other thing about the triplets is still vague to me. The Rene is not able to do that but the Elements only for the strike part once in a while give triplets or give an effect like ratchets.

Some excitation samples for the STRIKE section contain multiple “impacts”. That’s probably what you’re getting here.

It doesn’t sound bad but gives me a more indepth impression on the Elements module, Thank you again! :slight_smile: