GAS:Should I get this Oberheim Matrix 6R or just wait for my Ambika to be fixed?

Does anyone here have experience with Oberheim Matrix synths ?
I spotted one M6R (6 voices racked) locally for 450€. Is it worth it considering that I have an Ambika (SMRx6) which I gave to a friend with better electronic skills for repair ?
It seems like they are a pain in the @$# to program…

The opinion tends to be they are capable, good mod matrix etc, but editing is a pain and their envelopes are slow. The CPU is underpowered and the firmware has a few bugs.

Gligli has done some fixes to the Oberheim Matrix 1000 which is similar to the 6R. I’d recommend that over the 6R.

With a Volt Crafty Devices editor the 6R can be easier to control than normal.

I have one, I like the sound but CBA to edit it at the moment.

Matrix 1000 GliGli thread

Well…. get both.

I like my Matrix 6R, and have thought about selling it numerous times, but haven’t yet because it’s definitely worth keeping around. They aren’t that ridiculous to program, it isn’t enjoyable by any means, but the button matrix is laid out a lot like a blofeld, but without knobs, and membrane buttons to input changes… Wait, nevermind, it is a pain to program from the front panel. I use a Win XP version of Sound Diver (on my Mac with Parallels) for programming if I ever feel a need. There is that person in Argentina making controllers for the Matrix 6R which allegedly doesn’t hang on fast knob movements. The Matrix 6/6R/1000 tends to choke on fast sysex info and overloads easily, so I’m curious how the programmer manages to overcome this. I have an Encore Knobby that transmits Sysex and even have a layout for it, but recently I haven’t been able to get it to work.

Forgot to add. Listen to Frank. Get both.

Have you got the latest firmware ROM?

As for the 1000, with the GliGli firmware the changes are better, but then it’s mainly the mod matrix changes which causes big problems.

Good thing about the 1000 (not sure about the 6R) is it has a voltage changer, so you can buy one anywhere in the world and then turn the dial underneath it to the correct voltage.

Both what ? The Ambika is not an option it’s just on hold for repair at the moment. :slight_smile:

I just saw that someone was selling the keyboard version locally for 400€ but apparently I was not fast enough.