Garland Of Snakes

Been heavily caning the Popol Vuh and Pandit Pran Nath lately and ended setting my Mutables machines off in this direction today.

Patch Notes:

A single note on Rings sympathetic string mode sequenced on an odd numbered loop by BSP with the brightness and position parameters being modulated.

Braids WT4 playing a chord through Ripples with it’s frequency being swept.

Tides (being gently FM’d by STO) through the bandpass output of uVCF with it’s frequency being swept.

Peaks bassdrum, sequenced on an odd numbered loop by BSP patched to Blinds CV’d by New Pam’s workout to randomly pass the audio.

Clouds and Phonogene adding small textural parts with their amplitude’s being modulated through the mix.

Modulations throughout the system by Peaks, Pamela’s New Workout and Batumi

Mixed through a Behringer mixer with Strymon El Cap and BlueSky on the busses. Recorded directly to a zoom H4 as a live stereo pair.

(I also had Warps patched up doing noodly arabesques but it was a bit ostentatious so I decided to not use it in the final performance)