Gaming anyone? Freebie offering - DOTA 2

Because I love the Shruthi community so very much, and because I can… I’m going to offer two game codes for DOTA 2, a pretty awesome RTS game. I’m more into FPS, but was wondering how many people here play video games. I am actually in the process of building one or two arcade cabinets (have been for a couple of years). Anyways, post here if you are interested. I’ll need a real e-mail, but I’ll send you a PM when I see your post. Oh yeah, for the fun of it, give me one sentence that creatively says why you should get the code.


I’ll be throwing in at least one more code - maybe two ? To whoever doesn’t manage to snatch up one of shimoda’s codes :slight_smile:

wow, maybe there aren’t many gamers here?

why not for me i’m nore on league of legend, but why not ^^

And the creatively sentence : I i don’t play, my will spend all my money on mutable and others DIY parts, and my girlfriend will trown some rocks on me ! :smiley: But if somebody really need them, give them, because it’s more to test than playing hard !

Halo 4. That’s about the extent of my gaming. I used to go nuts for Counter Strike, but I’d rather solder or throw a cape on and ELP solo the neighbors out of bed. Still though. Halo 4 is pretty grandtastic.

Occasionally on my Xbox 360 or my PS3. I’m on a Mac at home, but I should get a modern PC as I like to play strategy games and other fare not on consoles. Dota 2 you say… Mac as a gaming platform? Nu-uh!

Gimme a Haswell equipped PC for gaming and we’re good to go. I used to like AMD CPUs but they’ve fallen behind.

been a DotA aficionado here since a bit before 5.84c days, have not played much dota 2 yet though. It’s not exactly what I’d call an RTS but I can’t say I’m a fan of the MOBA appellation either. Anyone who hasn’t played it should give it a chance, but beware as the learning curve can be steep and gameplay mistakes - of which there are many - are often punished severely.

The last time I was a big PC gamer was about 10 years ago when playing Operation Flashpoint, until recently that is… now I am completely and utterly hooked to DayZ (and ARMA2 depending on my mood). Frankieonpcin1080p’s Youtube videos make for some humorous viewing.

@Lamouette, for some reason I can’t get to your profile, so send me a PM with your real email and I’ll send you the code.

@Toadstool, PM sent.