GAin pot shruthi

Hi Can someone help me, I’ve been around a couple of months with my shruthi and I would like to put a gain pot, q buy deveria model, someone has done it, I can show photos to view?

The volume pot at the output is only attenuating the signal. If you need more gain, replace the resistor in the feedback loop of the last op-amp by a higher one.

Hi! i have a few amateur questions, if i put the gain pot at the audio output could i get more volumen? or the maximun volumen that i could get is the one that the shruthi offers normally?
A gain pot is in fact a variable resistance, isnt it?

Thanks in advance!

There are two potential “gain” pot locations, one for input volume and one for output volume. If you look at the schematic (in this case, of the SMR4 filter board), you’ll see them marked as R1 (next to the input jack) and R2 (next to the output jack). You just need to solder leads from each set of three pads to 2 (might as well do both) 10k pots. I used log (audio) taper pots. Each pot has three solder tabs. You might need to experiment a bit to get the leads on the right pads so that the pots adjust properly (clockwise for more volume, counter-clockwise for less for example), but it’s an easy mod. I had more trouble trying to figure out where I could put the pots on the standard cases, so I ended up making custom cases for my Shruthis. The photo of the board is here (


q I understand you better potentiometers are 10 k, then find out which are the tips of the gain and I connect to R1?

On some of the boards you can fit header pins into the three holes so you can connect and disconnect the pots. Handy if you wire them the wrong way around.

Three pads per pot on the board and three tabs on each pot. Easy to do. Header pins are handy, good suggestion, although it seemed easy enough to do without them.

If you get pots with PCB pins you can solder the wires to the PCB and use a connector that slides onto the pot pins.

then I have to solder the 3 pin potentiometer to r1 “3 pin” plate. One dough and the other two for the flow of profit. Q Well first I have to do a couple of tests and find out which is which

Thanks for the info and your time I think I was clear

R1 is goes to pin one of the pot, then 2 and 3 to the other 2 pins on the pot

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@6581punk : "If you get pots with PCB pins you can solder the wires to the PCB and use a connector that slides onto the pot pins"
What kind of connector are you talking about ? for this kind of pot ? (see attached file)


Solder 3pin header to filter PCB and use simillar cable to connect it with pot.

The spacing contacts are the same !
if I enlarged the holes for the legs hooking pots, I might be put on this prototype gass fiber PCB
Electronics is easy: it’s like Meccano :slight_smile:
Thanks !

thanks for the info and your time

I just installed the potentiometer, but once I start to turn the potentiometer and I have the maximum volume output, which I can do to make the output volume to be progressive?

I think my q is linear potentiometer
This problem may be

Are standard 2.54 pitch pin headers appropriate for this application in the SMR4 mk2 Shruthi kit (i.e. they won’t physically obstruct anything during final assembly)?

Yup, they’re fine :slight_smile: