Fyrd MTRX-8

Anyone come across this yet? Comes stock with a Shruthi map, so it seems they have decent taste :slight_smile:

Short CDM Preview article here, as well.

Open source firmware, as I understand it! I don’t know that I need one per se, as I think most of what I would use it for I have or will have covered by MidiALF and Grids, but it looks like it could be an awesome tool! And their MCP controller design is really, really pretty.

i didn’t like their previous product, but this one looks clever

Though obviously having never used it in person, I dislike the idea of having to use two hands to tweak anything…


I also think it should have normal encoders.

A big wheel with a high resolution encoder allows for much smoother changes than using a regular “clicky” encoder like on the Shruthi. I kinda like the idea.

I ordered it. For the price I think it’s a pretty great deal. I’m planning on using it as an alternative sequencer when trying to come up with new stuff.

Hmm… the only type of synthesis functions that are tedious for me to edit are additive harmonics tables. As they all require around 64 - 128 bands to fully program, most of these hardware editors never really cut it for me due to lack of enough sliders/knobs per patch. I think that it is interesting that they are advertising this as an editor for the Shruthi because it couldn’t be easier to program it. I know that it sends CC messages, but to be truly useful for me, it would need a SYSEX learn function like on the BCR2000. Another thing… do they compensate for legacy midi buffers? I would be worried about crashing a legacy synth live via overloading the midi buffer.

On the plus side, the sequencer aspect is nice, and the overall aesthetic is pleasing to look at. It would look great sitting next to most synths. I will have to see how people use it before I would want to get one.

I think there are pluses and minuses to this setup. There is always the Behringer if you want a LED ring encoder controller. I think this is trying to deliberately switch things up. I can think of lots of situations where I’d like to crank 4 settings up in a live transition, etc…and regular encoders wouldn’t easily allow that to happen as only have two hands :slight_smile:

The multiple parameter adjustment is cool, but could potentially overload an older midi buffer causing a synthesizer to crash… not good in a live situation. This is why I will have to wait and watch on this one.