Fuzz amount pot?

Is there a native way to adjust fuzz amount? Or is there a simple mod to achieve this? Fuzz sounds good on a few timbres, but I wish I could pipe in just a little sometimes, and more than given others.

Replace R48 by a 33k resistor. Replace R47 by a 10k rheostat (pin 1 and pin 2 of a 10k pot).

Let me know how it goes.

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I think that you can replace R47 with a 20k / 25k pot and a small resistor in series, something like 2.2k or 4.7k?

edit : too late :slight_smile:

MicMicMan’s suggestion of adding a small resistor between ground and the pot will ensure that there is still a signal at acceptable levels when the pot is turned all the way down. With my suggestion, you’ll get a very attenuated signal (or not if the pot has a small resistance when set to the minimum value, which is the case of the cheapest pots).

The change in R48 I suggested allows you to use a 10k pot (a common value). If you have access to 20k or 25k pots, don’t touch R48.

Nice thanks! I will update if I go for it.

I have replaced R47 with a 20k pot and a 2k2 resistor in series
It works perfectly.
With the pot at 0 it sounds about the same as-if the fuzz circuit wasn’t there at all

Thanks for the suggestions!

this is a great thing to know!


This mod is really great, yet simple.
Very smooth transition between clean and fuzz:)

I’m actually considering building a separate stereo lm13700 fuzz as an insert effect for a drum channel or such. Or as a pre-filter waveshaper. Or …


Is the fuzz switch still needed for this mod, or does turning fuzz to minimum accomplish the same thing? I was thinking of mounting the fuzz pot in the front panel hole where the switch goes.

The switch is still needed if you do not want the signal to go through the LM13700 - with the fuzz pot to minimum it won’t bring distortion but add a bit of noise.

I’m kinda digging out this old thread to ask if a pot with integrated switch would work here ?
The idea would be to have the fuzz “off” when the pot is at zero, and when the pot is turned clockwise, the switch activates the fuzz circuit and the amount of fuzz is controlled by the rotation.

It would indeed be nice to have the fuzz pot replacing the fuzz switch :wink:
thanks !

ok I guess the answer is oubviously yes…
I’ll feedback here once I do it.

@gahimicu : I’ll also try to do this with Switched pots.
(buy a 50k pots and down is value by adding a resistor in parallel).

Anyway, is there a way to also increase the amount of fuzz.
(or adding a stage to the fuzz ? what is the circuitry for it ?)

Thank you,

Did either of you get it working with the switched pot??

Wow… I remember reading this thread… 2 years ago :slight_smile:
DIY never dies, doesn’t it ?!

@gajimicu @geux @spotta @clemdu Sorry for bringing this up, but have anyone of you managed to do an Anushri mod with a switched pot for fuzz amount? Cheers

And again, it’s been a long I didn’t come to read this thread, or the forum for that matter !
Sorry, I didn’t did the mod at the end and my Anushri (first real DIY project ! ) is long gone unfortunately :cry: