Fuse rating

Hi all,

What amp fuse should I use for this power supply

1 Amp Slow

While we are on the subject… for the RT-65B i got a 2A slow, is that proper? I am in US with 120v.

I use a 0,75AMp Slow with 230V so you are good to go. Remember its only in case you touch the primary side inside the case, the PSU is protected by itself.

Blast! I bought a 5A fast before seeing your reply :smiley: The fuse is for this switch>>>>

I am guessing it doesn’t really need a fuse anyway as there is one on the plug, and as you say fcd72, the PSU is also protected

You will need a fuse if accidentally a wire of your rats nest gets loose and touches something, especially if you have a conductive Case.

I best get the proper fuse then! Thanks fcd72 :slight_smile:

Yep thanks fcd72. i realize the power supply is protected but better safe than sorry.

Yups, that fuse is for you not the PSU….