Fūrin 風鈴 - 10 patch cables challenge


I participated to a facebook challenge which asked a patch with only 10 cables and I submitted this ambient jam with Marbles, Elements (ominous mode), Tapographic Delay and Beads.
Fūrin is a kind of japanese chimes, there are anywhere in Japan. Love their sounds.

Because of the rules I couldn’t patch all Beads inputs by lack of cables and didn’t use the awesome internal randomizers to be fair with the challenge.

Patch Notes

Elements is on Ominous mode (FM synth)
Beads on yellow mode
Marbles :

  • T mode : green flashing (alternate Bernouli)
  • T1 : seed of Beads, T3 : Elements gate
  • Y : Cutoff of Elements and Density of Beads
  • X mode : red
  • X1 : (smooth modulation) Strike timbre (oscillator 2 FM amount) of Elements
  • X3 : Pitch of Elements
    Elements to Tapographic Delay to Beads.
    10 cables + 2 outs from Beads
    (The 4 cables after Beads doesn’t count : it’s for the recording directly in the disting ex and the headphone monitoring)

(I noticed after uploading on youtube that the video is not well sync with the audio, there is a slight delay. Sorry …)


Interesting result, I like the overall sense of nuance - maybe this sort of of challenge is a useful reminder that sometimes we don’t actually need to patch and modulate ad nauseam just because we can :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I often find that constraints is inspiring. Without constraints I’m too overwhelm by the infinite possibilities and it’s difficult to focus on an idea. Certainly depends on people.

Nice feeling, interesting challenge …

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