Funky improvised jam with ribbon controller

Lots of MI modules in there. Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Patch notes
– Chords:
SuperCritical Synthesizers Demon Core Oscillator, Mutable Instruments Ripples, modulated by MI Stages
– Percussion:
Euclidean Circles, Delptronics LDB-2e, WMD Fracture, MI Rings, 4ms DLD
– Lead 1:
Doepfer Trautonium / Ribbon Controller, Moog Mother-32, MI Clouds
– Bass:
Intellijel Metropolis, MI Plaits, Doepfer Wasp Filter
– Lead 2:
Behringer Model D
– Recording: 4ms WAV


Hmm I like it! Keep going, maybe one day you will play in the club near my property in Berlin! Hope you will be successful!

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