Fun with Midi Mergers

I was researching online the use of Midi mergers lately.

It all started when I thought it would be great to have a Midi keyboard´s Mod Wheels combined with my LeStrum for some guitar-y playing.

Has anyone used any midi mergers? Are there any limitations apart from sorting channel conflicts (I guess?)?

Combined with a MidiPal-type device and or sequencer?

All your views on the matter welcome!

I use several midi equipment, and by midi equipment I mean the utility type. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve. I own and use two MidiPals, two Arpies and several other sequencers in an immensely complex and ever expanding setup. At the heart of it all lies a MidiTemp PM88 that handles merging, channel routing, information filtering or whatnot. I assume your needs aren’t that heavy so simple merger would do. Midi Mergers are a lot of fun indeed!

I use an old Yamaha ymm-2. You can find them cheap used on ebay. It works great. It merges two signals and also has two thrus.

If you want complex rules, the motu midi devices have a cool editor that lets you do splits, filters and channel reassignemnts, and save them for noncomputer usage/

I’ve read in several places that the Motu don’t play well with Windows. Otherwise the GUI is good enough reason to go that way. Haven’t made up my mind about 'em so if anyone has a different opinion I’d be happy to read it (and we’re still on topic!)

I have a couple of Phillip Rees MIDI merge units, a passive ‘Little 2M’ and a more elaborate mains-powered ‘2M’. They’ve been gathering dust in a box of stuff I should sell on eBay, but haven’t got round to. I used them for a while when I was trying to create a setup where I could have two computers MIDI-synched together, and also needed to run the editor software for my Nord Modular. I don’t really need to do anything so complicated, now. In my experience, anyway, both mergers just worked, and did exactly as you’d expect- merged two MIDI streams into a single stream.