Fully working then some component shuffling and now no sequencer

I went slow during the first built double checked everything as I went. 8 hours later everything worked on first power up. Synth was happy, I was recording and playing back sequences. Drums worked. All knobs responded 100%. I had a blast.

I was originally going to build my own enclosure using the rack kit as a faceplate (because it looks so good.) Then I decided to to go ahead and rack it. This meant relocating the rear ports to the I/O expander.

I gently desoldered both midi connectors and audio connectors. Kept the wall wart input where it was for now (that is to say I am still powering from the same adapter it worked fine with 9v 750mA). Now I have the following symptoms.

I can’t run the sequencer. Synth live play is fine, record seems to work (it steps through as I key press). So midi input is working and audio output is working but I can run a recorded sequence or drums. The run button seems fully unresponsive.

I plan on testing it out when i get a sec but I’m leaning towards a bad run/stop switch?

I was hoping someone had seen this before and could save me a bit of time. I will post back as I go through the test instructions.

> The run button seems fully unresponsive.

Maybe you have just set the tempo to 0 (external clock)?

Glad I posted. One more thing to check. Thanks.

I don’t know if Ill get a chance to bench it tonight but a couple more things i tried:

Tempo as suggested: this does affect the playback speed of an arpeggiated synth so the knob does seem to be set to a non zero value. I also tested it again with no midi input (after verifying I wasn’t on Ch 16 or anything)

To see if other run stop functions work I tried a factory reset. Should the unit take longer to come up after one of these? Light pattern or anything?

Finally got some time. Set the meter to the tactile switch and got high resistance no matter the switch position.

Replaced it with the hold switch for now then ordered a new switch.

I dismantled the switch to see what i could and sure enough a tiny bit of the glue I used to keep the caps on had gotten into it.

I am go again to get this fine synth racked. Solved and thanks.