Full Metal Shruthi

Aluminum case has be designed and ordered.

Front panel teaser:




erm, no comment.

No i want to Know cause i plan to do a similar thing!

Protoype cost : $207 USD

This includes the back and front panel which also have engraved graphics. I looked at doing proper filled engravings but the costs spiraled out of control so outlines is what I went with.

Once I get it in and check everything out, I’ll most likely share the design files and possibly do a bulk run with screening instead on engraving to get the costs down

Ok thnk.

I like it … very interested in this …



Make sure you spell sequencer correctly before you throw down $207!


Any chance of sharing this as a file? fpd?

Oof, good eye. When you work on text for too long, it just becomes some squiggly lines without any meaning… I have not decided if i’m going to release the files or not. Depends on if I’ll do a bulk run or not

wanted your file because i’m too lazy to measure the holes for the leds :slight_smile:

hehe, might actually do them with flying leads, so I can position them where i want.

you’ll find some drawings at the build it page

interesting you should mention that since I did not use that file for the layout of the front panel, I used the eagle file. Strange thing is that they do NOT line up and I am not sure why. I did my shurti case the same way off the PCB and that worked perfectly so I guess I’ll have to see when it gets here next week. The big difference is that I mount the PCB to the front panel while the plastic case does not…

@ altitude

Maybe you’d like to take a hybrid approach, havin all the holes milled and the engraving done by Laser. This would look gorgeous on anodized Aluminium (the Laser Engraving allways gets white) and cut costs. Drop me a line via eMail if interested in Laser engravings… :wink:

I have an industrial silk screener here that is top notch and I can get them done for $5 ea. I just need a fair number of them to cover the setup fee.

Thats even better…

Case is done:

Still left to do:

  • Paint the top and bottom panel edges, not feeling the bare metal trim
  • Redo the back panel. It is all shades of F’d up. The SVG file in the Github is wrong, the only thing that lines up correctly is the power socket. The midi ports dont match at all and the audio in/out is shifted about 1 mm to the right. I went with dimensions off the PCB for the front panel and that came out perfect but I didnt mock up the back to check it. :frowning:

beautiful, and looks very compact.
i like the clean window with the rounded edges very much.
this will never break!

Pretty friggin’ sweet.

So the PCB mount to the top… Are there end caps on the corners that the screws are hiding under or are there angled mounts at play here?

Awesome work man. Looks amazing.

Nicely done.