Full Metal Anushri

So I finally go around to finishing mine. All engraved by FPE. This actually was a good learning experience since I just did the layout in FPE and then did all the line work and graphics in Illustrator and finished off all the plotter routes in corel draw so all the text and graphics were imported as one big HPGL file. The only thing that’s still a PITA is the single stroke fonts, I end up using front panel express ones since all the free ones out there seem to be for stencils and dont really work that well for engraving. The one big HPGL thing is nice since its cheaper but its also not editable so unless you’re willing to go down the rabbit hole of DIY engraving plot file generation, the files are NOT editable.

the Front Panel Express/Schaeffer files

IMPORTANT! Use the FPB file, it is the FPE order file and contains the side profiles! You will need those! The round button caps are the same as the XT (i.e. youll need to glue them down or they fall out) and you can choose your color. Also, if you are doing this from scratch DO NOT solder in any front panel parts off the bat, use the front panel as a template, place the parts, install the panel, THEN solder them in. I used metal Alpha pots (same as the metal 9mm pots they stock at Smallbear) for this build so all the holes are designed for those (the plastic pots in the official BOM are a much looser fit so not an issue if you are using those) but the 3.5mm jacks have a very liberal alignment and those really DO need the front panel as a alignment template to get right. If you have a rework station, it’s not too big of a chore to go back and fix this but if you only have a hand soldering iron, it will be a LIVING HELL to fix it so plan ahead, Also worth mentioning for anyone planning on changing around the graphics, CNC engraving DOES NOT SCALE, you start with a target size and work off that. You CANNOT blow something up and expect the same results since the paths are drawn based on the cutter width and offset and that is fixed depending on the ultimate size of the engraving