Full list of filter boards for Shruthi?

So I was browsing the list of all the filter boards today and I had seen the notice recently about certain boards getting EOLed and I was wondering what exactly the difference was between all the various boards. Here is what I was able to put together from some quick googling and bouncing around the MI site. Luckily the old pages for the other filters are still available :slight_smile: Yes I do have the SSM2044 listed in both places b/c you can still order some of the last few boards MI has.

SMR4mkII - Standard Shruthi filter
SSM2044 - PPG Wave/Poly6/MonoPoly
Dual SVF - 2 2 Pole LP/BP/HP; serial or parallel
Digital Filter - Digital effects
Polivoks - Polivoks (uhm, duh! heh)
4 Pole Mission - Oberheim Expander

CEM3379 - Ensoniq ESQ1, SQ80, Prophet 2000,
SSM2044 - PPG Wave/Poly6/MonoPoly
IR3109 - SH101, MC202, J8, Juno 6

Sound like a fair summary? Are there any other earlier boards I missed Olivier? The Shruthi XT being able to have 2 filter baords inside is very nice, but I like the idea of making one really big Shruthi w/all the filters switchable. How many filters would the processsor that runs the Shruthi be able to run at once w/o slowdowns or crashing? The obvious answer is “Build moar Shruthis” and chain them or something, but I’m just curious more than anything else.

EDIT: Corrected Polivoks spelling

That’s cool. Mostly I was curious b/c just hearing a chip number does nothing for informing me what something may sound like heh. Certainly a standard, Polivoks and 4-Pole at least I hope to have in my future.

A wiki page should be made for this. Frank can you set this up?

Note that it’s spelled “Polivoks”. Short answer: it’s not worth doing it for more than 2 boards and you’d rather build many Shruthi-1s :slight_smile:

Don’t dismiss the Dual SVF. That can make some pretty cool sounds, too.
And the Digital FX board is pretty cool, too.
Damn it, just collect 'em all :wink:


+1 toneburst. Absolutely correct!

Yeah something like this to spread the cost out:

1) Basic Shruthi kit (and SSM boardif still available)
2) The rest of the boards
3) Cases for everything
4) All the needed parts at once to keep shipping own, especially for the odd 1 part that has to be ordered from somewhere else entirely.

Would leave a nice string of projects waiting to be completed when I feel I’m ready or if my skilled friend gets bored :slight_smile:

So when sticking to the standard setup and just changing filter, I would order the Digital/Control PCB + chip + one of the above filter boards? It’s just the Polivoks and 4 Pole that already have a control board included. Correct?

Yep, the polivoks and 4-pole boards were done in fancy color so they are sold with a matching control board.

have you had a look at soundcloud?
there are many sound examples of the various filters.
mutable instruments group on soundcloud

once upon a time there were blue Rev0.5 digital and filter boards…

edit: and i remeber a very limited run with green and blue and red rev 0.5 digital boards and matching ssm sn cem boards…

Don’t forget the original SMR4 board for your list, if you want it to be complete…

Yep, original SMR-4 is a bit of a different beast to the MkII…

I didn’t bother listing the original b/c from the writeup, the only differences are part counts and number of trim adjustments. So I wouldn’t bother trying to put one of the originals together when I have the upgraded one heh. I don’t care if my personal collection is complete per se, but building most of them eventually could be fun, even if I sold some of them in the end